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Welcome to Thunderhawk booth #3005, Icast 2022, Orlando FL!
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Timothy Beachy

      got two so far

      William Tomlin
      Rat Benny

      Have not had a chance to use it but it looks great

      Reviewer avatar
      Great action

      I finally was able to throw this bait, it casted great! But the action is so so good, it really looks like a small rodent swimming across the water, and when you pause, it sticks it's nose and eye just above the water as if a rat was trying to catch its breath, and the tail really looks natural swimming. It also comes with a second tail. The paint is a very well done and it feels like it won't chip easy bouncing off rocks ect... But I can not wait for Greer's Ferry lake to warm up (it's March 1st) so the fish get more active.