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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      CHAD Lejeune
      Great bait. Poor customer service

      Received half my order. Emails and phone calls go unanswered.

      Patrick Ryan

      Lipless Sergeant 3/4 Rattling

      David Homoney
      Great Lures.

      I had the pleasure I finding Thunderhawk at the 2022 Redcrest. I love the A10 and the lipless cranks. Great products and love that this is a small business in the LR area.

      Mark Quaternik
      Sergeant 3/4

      Got them but haven’t had a chance to fish yet

      Aaron Henley
      A definite buy!

      This is a phenomenal lipless that Thunderhawk packed with features at an affordable price. Great vibration, loud, high-pitched rattle, great shimmy on the fall, and the weighted nose ensures it sits perfectly nose down on the bottom every single time at any depth. Tracks true at any speed. The rotating hook hangers are a huge boon, really helps keep those hooks pinned and increases landing ratio. Excellent quality short-shank EWG trebles, sticky sharp right out of the box. Paint quality is wonderful as well. Been fishing them for a while now and the paint is holding up better than any other lipless under $10 I've thrown, little to no hook rash, only a little rubbing on the nose from dragging hard bottom. The weighted nose also gives it an aggressive nose down action that helps it come over cover much better than many other lipless cranks on the market, and it makes it very effective for jigging and yo yoing.

      If I have any complaints, it is that the split rings seem a little light to me so I did swap them. I also switched to an oval split ring for the line tie, which is a must IMO. I cannot ding a star from the review for that, however, as split rings are an industry-wide gripe for me, I upgrade them on pretty much every lure. The rest of the bait MORE than makes up for this very minor issue, and it's unbelievable how many great features Thunderhawk packed into this lure for only $10.

      An absolute must buy for any angler who enjoys throwing a lipless. The Silent version is a wonderful complement to this one, as well. A one knocker version would be perfect to complete the set!