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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 14 reviews
      Great all around company and lure

      Best square bill on the market. I have caught quite a few this year already on it: I also had one that I broke the tip. I ordered 2 more and was sent three to replace the one I broke: I also bought 2-8inch stickers. They were out of stock so Steve went me 4 17inch stickers, I’m very happy with company, I will be buy from them for a long time.

      One issue out of 2 a10 jrs

      I my first my A10 jr last year and had no issues with it. Caught 15+ smallmouth on it. It held up strong. I lost it on a 4lber. Very happy with that one. The last one I bought the square bill broke off the left side before I was able to catch a fish. Thankfully I had my A10 with and was able to catch a 5.22lbs smallie. I love the lures I’m not happy with the one breaking after 10-15 cast. I fish a river the rock bottom is what caused my bill to break. Overall a great lure. I haven’t made an inquiry to see if thunderhawk will send a replacement. I’m still giving it a 4/5 the a10 jr is great when they are hard to catch.

      Dante Sezer
      A10 JR!

      Love this bait! This lure has helped me my co anglers secure fish many times.

      Ron Green
      A-10 JR Crankbait

      The A-10 is a great crankbait, very good action and balance, unfortunately the South Florida weather did not cooperate. Heavy rain for the past 3 days, oxygen le vets off the chart, barometric pressure very unstable and highs and lows changed drastically between the torrential downpours. Great bait and action, terrible weather. Did manage to land 3 Africian Gars, that is what type of weekend I had. Hopefully better report next weekend. Tight lines.


      Just as advertised