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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Jason Bobola
      Good quality

      Just as advertised great product

      Son Ly
      Awesome action!

      Never heard of Thunderhawk Lures until a recent episode of Debo’s fishing. Glad I ordered a few baits including the poppa. Great action, easy to walk or pop, but when retrieved super fast it dives just below the surface and acts like a swim bait. Haven’t caught a fish on it yet but have no doubts it will soon! Also was surprised with the quality of the paint and details on this lure!

      Fish Catcher

      I was just recently turned on to Thunder Hawk. Surprised I haven't heard of them considering I only live about 90 miles south. This is a great lure. The paint is stunning. My only change was the hooks, which I do on pretty much every hard bait I own. I put a #4 (I think that's what comes on it) red hook on the front and a #2 (sit the rear down a bit on the pause) black on the back. Fished it yesterday evening. Didn't set the world on fire, but it's pretty tough fishing right now no matter the lure. But, did catch a couple of on it. The action is amazing! I'm confident this thing will wax them in the next 2-4 weeks.

      Mike Vogel
      Good… but a few issues

      Bought a couple of these. I'm a big Thunderhawk fan. Love the A10 cranks especially.
      PoppaWalker has plusses and minuses. Plus - walks great and casts a mile. Minuses - Had several short strikes on the tail. It almost feels like it needs a trailer hook in the tail. Also - fished it for one day (2.5 hours) and back of tail got ripped off and one of the 2 screws to replace the tail is gone... so durability's in question for me. Love that it has a replacement tail in the box, but I am going to have to find another screw.
      It drew in fish - shallow and deep- so it works, but at the price point personally I want more durability.

      Davenport West
      Welcome surprise!

      I have never fished a Topwater bait that gets more bites on the pause. My 9 year old son caught a 4lb on it yesterday!