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      THUNDERHAWK Team Expectation

      Thunderhawk Lures is seeking to build a team of dedicated and knowledgeable anglers to represent our brand as Staff members. Our Staff team will play a critical role in promoting our products, sharing fishing tips and techniques, and helping to develop new product ideas.

      To qualify as a Thunderhawk Lures Staff member, candidates must meet the following requirements:

      1. Passion for Fishing: Staff members must have a genuine passion for fishing and a deep knowledge of the sport. They should be able to demonstrate an ability to catch fish across a range of species and environments.
      2. Social Media Presence: Candidates should have a strong social media presence, with an active and engaged following on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Staff members will be expected to promote our products on social media and create engaging content that showcases our lures in action a few times a week.
      3. Product Knowledge: Candidates must have a deep understanding of our products, including their features, benefits, and target species. They should be able to articulate the unique selling points of our lures and provide guidance on which lures are best suited for different fishing scenarios.
      4. Communication Skills: Staff members should have excellent communication skills and be comfortable speaking in front of groups. They should be able to effectively communicate the benefits of our products and share their fishing knowledge and experience with others.
      5. Professionalism: Candidates must be professional and conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on the Thunderhawk Lures brand. Pro Staff members should be reliable, punctual, and respectful of others.
      6. Availability: Staff members should be available to attend trade shows, events, and product launches as needed with advance notice. They should also be willing to participate in product testing and provide feedback to help us improve our products.
      7. Team Player: Staff members should be team players and willing to work collaboratively with other members of the Thunderhawk Lures team. They should be willing to share their knowledge and expertise with others and help to build a positive and supportive team environment.
      8. Thunderhawk Team: Staff members should be enthusiastic for Thunderhawk Lures, promoting our products and values both on and off the water. They should be passionate about helping others to enjoy the sport of fishing and represent our brand with pride and integrity.
      9. Staff members of Thunderhawk lures will be required to sign non-disclosure agreement to protect the confidential information and trade secrets, also to include staff benefits/codes. Thunderhawk lures reserves the right to remove and deny benefits/codes at any time. ***

      In summary, we are seeking passionate and knowledgeable anglers who are willing to represent the Thunderhawk Lures brand with professionalism and enthusiasm. If you meet these requirements and are interested in becoming a Staff member, we encourage you to apply between October - December.

      Any questions please email Marc:

      Thank you!