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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      Great customer service

      The lures and stickers i received were more than I ask for. I was given a a10jr due to one I had have an issue. I received an extra lure with my order. They were out of the stickers I ordered with 4 large stickers. I ordered 2 small stickers. They helped me out in every single way possible.

      Elijah Thompson
      Best Jig

      One of the best jigs I’ve used

      Hick Nunter
      Impressed me

      This little jig has got something to it. The hook and weedguard combo is perfect. Rarely will you lose fish on this jig even with such a small hook.

      Hap Tumblin
      Awesome in a smaller profile.

      I have enjoyed getting to know this jig. I like the fact that having a shorter shank hook and the smaller profile without giving up weight is beneficial especially when the fish are feeding on smaller forage or overstressed by fishing pressure. It allows me to finesse style fish with my baitcasting equipment.

      Matooba Fishing
      Great Jigs at a great price. get some.

      the way these Grunts move either by swimming, Alabama Shaking, pitching into cover, or even just hopping and dragging it on the bottom, is simply awesome! I've had much better success since I started throwing these. And the color options are dead on. you need to get some of these.